Game of Thrones 3 Environments

Environments for Game of Thrones

Environments for HBO's Game of Thrones Season 3.
Client: Pixomondo GmbH & Co.KG
Production company: HBO Entertainment
VFX Supervisors: Jörn Großhans & Juri Stanossek 
Thanks to the wonderful team :)
Complete VFX breakdown from Pixomondo: 
GoT Season 3 Awards:
Emmy for Outstanding Special Visual Effects
Outstanding Visual Effects in a Broadcast Program
Yunkai matte painting. Additional gold parts and buildings in the bottom right added by Adam Figielski.
Creation and layout of scaffolding, winch and destruction of tower. Wall extension and smoke painting by Rainer Stolle.
Layout & lighting of King's Landing. City matte painting. Additional painting work done by Adam Wesierski.
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